Publications List

Tioga’s business typically involves sharing the practical experience of its Principals and Associates with its clients. In this effort Tioga has a track record of successful implementation of new transportation services and infrastructure that extend the state of the practice. Most often, however, the results of this work become proprietary with the public or private client.

Occasionally, Tioga work product has been made available for public release. In addition, Tioga Principals and Associates are frequent contributors at industry meetings and trade shows. A number of recent reports and presentations are listed below.
  CIGMA 2008
  CIRIS Feasibility Study 2003
  CIRIS Implementation Plan 2006
  Faster Freight Cleaner Air Conference 2008
  Inland Port Concepts
  NCFRP - Truck Drayage Productivity Guide (2011)
  San Pedro Bay Cargo Forecast (2007)
  SCAG Inland Port Feasibility Study Final Report
  SF Bay Area Containerized Cargo Outlook
  Smartway DrayFleet User's Guide
  Smartway DrayFleet Model Version 1